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Stories and photos about Japanese culture and society.

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Links to my other site related to my coming book: ‘Fukushima and the coming Tokyo earthquake: and what it will mean for a fragile world economy’.

Summer Firework Displays

Tokyo Bay At Dusk
Japanese Yukata Fireworks 3
Japanese Yukata Fireworks 2
Japanese Yukata Fireworks 1
Japanese Fireworks Photographers
Japanese Fireworks 4
Japanese Fireworks 1
Japanese Fireworks 2
Japanese Fireworks 3

You could say that Japan has five seasons. From June 10th or so to mid/late July is the rainy season when, though it is warm, the cloud cover and frequent rain keeps the temperatures in the low twenties. After that, the temperature and soars and the humidity is very hard to take, no matter how long you’ve lived in Japan. It’s a bit like being in a sauna with your clothes on, and nights are only marginal easier to take than daytimes. Many of my friends head off to Europe for August to escape what one of my friends calls, “the blast furnace”.

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Thatched Pointed Roofs and Silkworms

Cut Out Thatch
Hara House
Inside Farmhouse
Interior Furniture
Roof Detail
Stones On Roof
Tatami And Wood
Thatched Roof

These pictures show historical buildings from an open-air museum in the west of Tokyo. Some of these houses are important cultural properties. Most have been transported from elsewhere in Honshu. They include a watermill, a warehouse on stilts, a kabuki stage, and a shrine. A few of the houses date back to the 17th century.

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