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Thatched Pointed Roofs and Silkworms

Cut Out Thatch
Hara House
Inside Farmhouse
Interior Furniture
Roof Detail
Stones On Roof
Tatami And Wood
Thatched Roof

These pictures show historical buildings from an open-air museum in the west of Tokyo. Some of these houses are important cultural properties. Most have been transported from elsewhere in Honshu. They include a watermill, a warehouse on stilts, a kabuki stage, and a shrine. A few of the houses date back to the 17th century.

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The Hugvie Japan

The Hugvie

The latest fad coming to Japan, combining cuteness and technology, is the Hugvie, a human-shaped pillow with a skin-like texture, with slot in its head for a mobile phone. The user then carries on a conversation with a friend while hugging the soft robot.

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Aging Population, Abandoned Houses

Japans population has been falling since the peak in 2008. There are now about a million people less than at that time. If current trends continue the population will have fallen by one third by 2050. This will affect every aspect of the country’s society, economy, culture and polity.

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Hairdressing Salons

Aaty Hair
Arms Hair
Def Hair
Hair Drop
Happy New Hair
New Hair Collection
Grow Up Hair
Wierd Window Pull
Wish For Hair
Begins Hair

Many of the hairdressing salons in Tokyo have English names, probably because English is seen as being hip and modern. Unfortunately these names are often strange, inappropriate, even bizarre, as you can see in the photos above. One of the reasons for this is that, often the students with an artistic bent that go into the hairdressing and beauty business are those who are not academically bright, and often very poor at English studies.

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