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Japanese Traditional Roof

Welcome to Tokyo Tales 365

This website offers visuals and text about one of the world’s largest and most unique metropolises. Author Tony Smyth has lived in Japan’s capital through 21 prime ministers, through earthquakes, sarin gas attack, the bubble economy (Japan as Number One) and post-bubble deflation (the so-called lost decade), radiation fears, the development of Tokyo Bay, World Cup soccer, and now the build up to the 2020 Olympics. 35.5 million people live in and around Tokyo/Yokohama.

This website is an insider’s guide to some of their stories. Tokyo: beyond the tourist view of Japan.

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Japanese English

Japanese English 01
Japanese English 02
Japanese English 03
Japanese English 04
Japanese English 06
Japanese English 07
Japanese English 08
Japanese English 09
Japanese English 10
Japanese English 11
Japanese English 12
Japanese English 13
Japanese English 14
Japanese English 05

One of the most enjoyable aspects of living in Tokyo is just walking the streets, keeping an eye out for strange English on shop fronts, t-shirts, bags, products and on posters. It’s a rare day that you don’t see something weird, amusing or baffling.

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Yasukuni Shrine

Gate Yasukuni Shrine
Chrysanthemum Flag Yasukuni
Japanese Flags Yasukuni Shrine
Bullet Holes Artillery Yasukuni
Japanese Zero Yasukuni Shrine
Yasukuni Japanese Tank
Japanese Train Thai Burma
Yasukuni Shrine Flag
Yasukuni Shrine Rifles
Yasukuni Shrine Soldiers Flag

This shrine was founded by Emperor Meiji in 1869. Located very near the Imperial Palace, its main intended function was to commemorate the spirits of those who had died fighting for the Japan’s Empire (the period from 1868 to the end of the Pacific War).

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