The Hugvie Japan

The Hugvie

The latest fad coming to Japan, combining cuteness and technology, is the Hugvie, a human-shaped pillow with a skin-like texture, with slot in its head for a mobile phone. The user then carries on a conversation with a friend while hugging the soft robot.

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Aging Population, Abandoned Houses

Japans population has been falling since the peak in 2008. There are now about a million people less than at that time. If current trends continue the population will have fallen by one third by 2050. This will affect every aspect of the country’s society, economy, culture and polity.

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B-29 DroppingFirebombs on Tokyo

Anniversary of the Tokyo Firebombings 1945

March 10 marked the 70th anniversary of the firebombing of Tokyo by the American air force. This event resulted in horrific loss of life; somewhat over 100,000 people lost their lives to fire during the three hour air raid. This loss of life far outnumbers that suffered by Dresden in Germany, like Tokyo a city with many wooden buildings.

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