Elderly Japanese Couple

Japanese Pensioners are Committing More Crimes than Teenagers

According to recent report by Kyodo News Agency, people aged 65 or over are committing more crimes than teenagers. In fact the elderly crime rate has doubled since 2003. This rise is due to bad economic conditions as well as welfare cuts. One quarter of the Japanese population is over 65.

Amazingly, crimes by the elderly have become increasingly violent too, with 50 times more assaults and 8.7 times more bodily injury case (H’mm what is the difference??).

Sadly, many of the elderly suffer from depression, particularly if living alone. They often may break the law in order to eschew feelings of loneliness and isolation. Officers took action against more than 23,000 elderly people in the first half of the year. South Korea is facing a similar rise in elderly crime.

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