Air Bonsai

Levitating Bonsai Trees

A new company in Kyushu, southern Japan has used the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to fund a new product named Air Bonsai – bonsai trees are suspended in the air! The Air Bonsai system uses small magnets to suspend a charming fist-sized moss or lavastone covered bonsai plant two centimeters in the air above special ceramic dishes of fragments of lava rock. The missing ingredient for your home, right?

Before you rush off to order one please note: due to export laws, Air Bonsais can only shipped to certain countries, and plants must be native to the country in which they’re purchased.

In Japan, customers are able to select from a wide variety of fauna, including traditional matsu (pine) or sakura (cherry blossom) bonsai. H’mm, and there was me thinking the coming global recession, or the war in Syria, merited your attention.

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